Cleaning and Adjusting Tension of hair scissors. When you get your new hair scissors, we recommend you to check and adjust the tension of hair scissors and shears to reach your most comfortable position.

Step1 Start from wipe off the blades to keep them clean and dry.

Step2 Then oil them to the pivot area.

Open and close hair scissors several times in order to distribute the oil. This step can be ignored on GUNST new hair scissors. Generally, GUNST dropped oil to the pivot area before delivery to our customers.

Step3 Check the tension.

Hold your hair scissors vertically with the tip pointing up. Then lift the thumb handle of the shear to open your hair scissors. While keep holding the other handle and let go of the thumb. Two handles should stay open at about thumb space.

Step 4 To adjust your tension.

Adjust your tension via a screw or by its own screw.

Repeat the same steps listed above and continue tightening or loosening the tension.

Try point cutting and to get your most comfortable position.

Regularly maintain your hairdressing scissors is the best way to keep use life of your hair scissors.

The best way to maintain is keep them dry and clean, and use them gently.

If you are willing to learn more about the maintenance issues, please contact us directly.