Advise For Your Hair Scissors

Cleaning and Adjusting Tension of hair scissors. When you get your new hair scissors, we recommend you to check and adjust the tension of hair scissors and shears to reach your most comfortable position. Step1 Start from wipe off the blades to keep them clean and dry. Step2 Then oil them to the pivot area. […]

Hair Scissors Not Only Materials

Hair Scissor is one of most important tools and can be treated as our friends. They help us to realize our value, passion and idea. They are not only tools and our partners in our beauty life and together with us to achieve beauty life. That is the reason we recommend you find the most […]

Different Types of Hair Scissors Handle

There are specific advantages to the different types of handle design, but the most important is which design feels comfortable for you. This will depend on your cutting style. Symmetrical handle — the basic design, the handles are symmetrical and straight. We can call level or even handle, as below: Offset handle —one handle is […]