Hair Scissor is one of most important tools and can be treated as our friends. They help us to realize our value, passion and idea. They are not only tools and our partners in our beauty life and together with us to achieve beauty life.

That is the reason we recommend you find the most suitable hair scissors you can afford.

As all know, high quality material hair scissors will last much longer than inferior quality material, since they do not rust easily and hold their edge sharp longer.

Hair scissors made from stainless steel that has been improved by the addition of other substances usually to give it greater strength. The handles are usually still made from a softer steel. Cobalt is such an additive, while molybdenum as well as increasing the strength of the metal also adds flexibility. A cobalt scissor should remain sharper for longer if looked after correctly.

The harder the material is, the higher the HRC, and the sharper the blade the better it is at resisting corrosion and rust.

When choosing between high-quality and low-quality scissors, the HRC is not the only factor. The manufacturing quality and standards of your scissors also affect how sharp and efficient they will be.

HardnessMaterialQualitative Level
59-60HRCChrome Stainless Steel
Blade for hair cutting at entry level
entry level & mid-level hair cutting
61-63Damascus Steel
For experienced level

What we are insisting is to provide affordable and performing enough hair scissors for barbers or hairdressing industry.

•       How sharp your knife is

In general, all new hair scissors were sharp but the important is how long it will last.

•       Corrosion and rust resistance

No hair scissor is sharp forever and no steel is 100% rust-, physical fall- and corrosion-resistant forever. You need maintenance and sharpen in regularly.

•       How fragile and brittle is the blade

The sharp the blade is, the thin the edge, and it should be take care more often.

•       How long will your scissors last?

Depends on what material you buy, but also on whether you treat it gently and maintain it regularly.