Hair Scissors Set Rose Gold丨EBI


  • Chrome Material
  • Hair Scissors 5,5 /6 Inch
  • Thinning Shears 5,75 Inch, 30 Teeth
  • Rose Gold Coating Set
  • Removable finger rest
  • Key Adjustable Tension Screw
  • Right-Handed Hair Scissor Set


Sharp blades assure a smooth cutting.
Hair Scissors in Rose Gold are much attractive and popular.
Provide you comfortable working and inspiration.
Low weight of this hair scissor set, making them slim and versatile professional hair scissors.
Customized hair scissors are available.


GUNST Magic For Your Beauty Life


Beyond your wildest imagination, each hair scissor performs its own unique role ,as everyone in life.
GUNST provides artists with comfortable and durable hair scissors.
GUNST will constantly together with artists to achieve inspiration and innovation by smooth and comfortable cutting.


GUNST Recommends:

✔Optimally adjusted tension ensures smooth opening and closing.
✔Regularly wipe the blades and the pivot area of your scissors.
✔Apply a drop of maintenance oil to the pivot area. Open and close the scissors several times to distribute the oil.
✔Regularly wipe the shears off to keep hair fragments and perspiration from the hands from interfering with the scissor’s cutting performance.
✔Handle your scissors gently in used time. Forbid to throw scissors down hard. If the scissors get damaged when dropped, they need to be repaired.