There are specific advantages to the different types of handle design, but the most important is which design feels comfortable for you. This will depend on your cutting style.

Symmetrical handle — the basic design, the handles are symmetrical and straight. We can call level or even handle, as below:

Offset handle —one handle is longer than the other which allows a more open hand position and for the arm and elbow to be in a lower position when cutting which is generally more comfortable.

Crane handle—similar to the offset although the top handle is very straight. Once again this allows a lower elbow position.

Many barbers or hairdressers have several pairs of scissors for doing different kinds of hair cutting job.
If you’re new to hairdressing or barbering, just to try and select most comfortable one. Meanwhile don’t spend lots of money on each scissor as you’ll want to upgrade them fairly quickly as your style and skill develop.